Features of a Cloud-Based Telemetry System

Features of a Cloud-Based Telemetry System - Otis LinkTelemetry systems provide an innovative solution to acquiring essential data from remotely located areas within any industry sector and application–including wastewater treatment, oil & gas, agriculture, food & beverage, refineries and more.

A cloud-based telemetry system provides personnel with information and the current conditions of their on-site assets and applications via cellular or satellite networks. The data is collected on a cloud-hosted server and processes it into electronic dashboards, charts and graphs, allowing personnel to efficiently review and manage their operations from virtually any location.

As the system uses a cloud server, it can provide a centralized and remote monitoring function at a low cost. Cloud-based telemetry systems offer the additional features and benefits:

• Mobile access to current gas levels, sensor battery levels, alarm relays, mobile dashboards and more via smart phone or tablet

• Reduced time and money spent on trips to the field, infrastructure and capital costsFeatures of a Cloud-Based Telemetry System - Otis Link

• Automated alerts for potential application issues received via call, text or email

• Secure, cloud-based data transfer with SSL connection and encrypted passwords

• Geographically diversified cloud-hosted servers to enhance service ability

• Avoid software updates through consistent system compatibility

Otis Link offers a modernized cloud-based telemetry system capable of delivering critical station and alarm information in real-time. Otis Link optimally connects the user to field assets via wired or wireless configurations using both cellular and satellite networks to view and manage their equipment more effectively.

To learn more about our telemetry monitoring systems for your application, contact Otis Link.