The Role of Telemetry for Water Applications

With water applications and facilities continually growing to meet public needs, and increasing regulatory demands, there is a requirement for a reliable, safe and secure application monitoring system.

Today, the water industry can utilize a fully integrated system of PLCs, operator interfaces and networks that deliver accurate information in a customized, user-friendly format through telemetry systems.

Telemetry systems offer remote monitoring and controlling of water applications within the industry. Telemetry systems provide flexible, modified reporting that meet increasing reporting requirements.

To properly maintain safety while saving both time and money, telemetry systems provide real-time data and notifications of the conditions of on-site water applications. Therefore, when an alarm or important status change occurs to an application, telemetry systems can text or email designated personnel.

Telemetry systems can be used in a range of water applications and projects, including chemical treatment, tank level monitoring, water distribution, wastewater management, level control, flow control, well pumps, chemical leak detection, sedimentation and more.

The Role of Telemetry for Water Applications - Otis LinkUtilizing advanced technology, Otis Link offers a modernized monitoring system capable of delivering critical station and alarm information in real-time. Otis Link optimally connects the user to field assets via wired or wireless configurations using both cellular and satellite networks to view and manage water applications more effectively.

As a one-system-fits-all telemetry solution, Otis Link systems can be integrated with all existing monitoring systems, eliminating unnecessary costs.

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