Sample Draw Pump

The Otis Instruments WireFree OIA-SDPUMP measures the gas concentration in the tank head-space before opening the thief hatch by drawing in an air sample at a user-configurable interval. The sensor then determines the current gas concentration measurement and a message is sent to the Master Controller notifying users of the current gas value via the screen on the Master Controller, cellular text message, or email alerts. This information can be used by field technicians to determine the type of safety gear that is appropriate prior to opening the thief hatch.

The OIA-SDPUMP features two Teflon tubes. One tube draws an air sample into the enclosure; the other tube removes exhaust from the device and puts it back in the surrounding environment. Ideal for applications such as storage tanks, chemical tanks, agriculture and more, the OIA-SDPUMP offers 15,000 pump hours and easy filter maintenance.



Complete the System with a Master Controller

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