Telemetry Monitoring for an Efficient Organization

Telemetry systems offer remote monitoring of the conditions of various applications. When telemetry systems are combined with real-time monitoring systems to analyze the overall state of the equipment, the benefits are immense.

Greater Security

Through telemetry software, it’s possible to remotely monitor the real-time conditions of an application. If a system hiccup of failure were to occur, application managers can be alerted immediately, no matter their location. With this data, the manager can quickly act, improving on-site safety measures.

Cost Reduction

Within any industry, reducing operational costs is important. Implementing telemetry can help avoid unnecessary trips to the application headquarters, and reduce the money spent on infrastructure. In addition, utilizing this software will eliminate future software updates, as telemetry offers consistent system compatibility.


These systems offer a customized tracking solution to the end user. With these systems, custom circuit boards are available to meet application-specific needs and user-friendly reports, charts and related data can be accessed through a customized dashboard. Managers can also access trends based on historically collected data. 

Real-Time Tracking

Having all information available via cellular, satellite, Ethernet, or custom radio devices allows managers to apply preventative actions immediately, reducing the probability of having serious issues arise in the future. Real-time notifications and alerts via call, text, or email can help optimize production and increase production equipment longevity.

Otis Link provides a one-system-fits-all telemetry solution for all industries. Otis Link systems can be integrated with existing monitoring systems, eliminating upgrade costs and increasing production. Our telemetry systems offer mobile access to current gas levels, sensor battery levels, alarm relays, mobile dashboards, administrative duties and high alarm notifications.

View and manage your equipment more effectively. Contact us to learn more about what Otis Link systems can do for your application.