Telemetry in the Oil & Gas Industry

Telemetry in the Oil & Gas Industry - Otis LinkIn the oil & gas industry, telemetry systems improve efficiencies across widely-dispersed field operations and critical infrastructures. These systems are designed to tackle the challenges of maximizing field production and relaying secure, reliable data from remote assets to the corporate enterprise–optimizing the data transfer across remote communication networks.

When it comes to the role of telemetry for the remote monitoring of assets in the oil & gas industry, a wide range of applications can be managed in a reliable, flexible and cost-effective form. Field technicians and engineers benefit from the simple deployment and configuration, scalable architecture and improved workplace safety.

Much of oil & gas production occurs in remote areas beyond the economic range of wired or terrestrially-based wireless communication. The key components to proper operation of these production sites are production wells that utilize various pumps and recovery facilities that extract, Telemetry in the Oil & Gas Industry - Otis Linkcollect, and transfer the oil and gas to transmission pipelines. Failure or malfunction of these components can be a costly, economic loss. However, telemetry systems can provide an accurate diagnosis of the failure and greatly increase the efficiency of the response.

Otis Link telemetry provides reliable, convenient, web-based solutions for monitoring, measuring and controlling systems remotely. Our products are innately robust and capable of serving applications in the harshest environments across the oil & gas industry.

Otis Link telemetry systems include field units, communication, and web applications. Our products are energy-efficient, wireless, and intrinsically safe. They also include multi-communication options that facilitate integration of Otis Link telemetry systems with existing detection products in the field–optimizing the lifecycle of remote assets while reducing costs.

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