About Us

Otis Link provides solutions that enable users to view and manage assets from nearly any location by utilizing custom web-based dashboards with real-time data maps, charts, and controls. 

Our mission is to provide quality solutions that deliver measurable and reliable value to customers amongst a variety of markets. Otis Link’s products can be utilized by industries that include: manufacturing & production, agriculture, oil & gas, energy, armed forces, automotive, painting, food & beverage, theme parks, glass industries and more.

Built on the principle of quality customer service and intuitive products, Otis Link has developed Telemetry and Automation & Controls systems to gather data in real-time and seamlessly transfer the information to computer systems–allowing owners to modernize their companies and improve their workforce operations.

Otis Link is an affiliate of Otis Instruments, a gas detection industry leader possessing 35 years of experience developing innovative solutions for the oil and gas marketplace. Otis Instruments persevered a number of ups and downs in the industry due to their durability, dependability, and dedication to an industry with a growing demand for efficient technology.

With a reputable name of detection products Otis Instruments has put in place, Otis Link was born.

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