Telemetry for Industrial Process and Equipment Monitoring

Telemetry for Industrial Process and Equipment MonitoringIndustrial operations and processes consist of various equipment and applications, each with specific functions intended to product an outcome. Therefore, in order to guarantee a positive outcome, these applications need to be properly monitored and managed.

In these operations and processes, modern requirements for “knowing what is happening” increases the need for telemetry systems. Remote monitoring of the performances of on-site applications through telemetry systems not only helps ensure the safety of work personnel but offers a number of benefits to an organization.


With telemetry, users can view real-time conditions of industrial equipment, machinery and applications. This data can provide warning signs that can prevent equipment failure, and other machinery maintenance catastrophes that may halt productivity.


The investment in equipment and machinery is financially significant to a company. An operator benefits from monitoring process inputs and outputs. Reviewing the operating status of process equipment with telemetry provides valuable information that can be used to minimize negative events.

Telemetry for Industrial Process and Equipment MonitoringSafety

Industrial operations tend to exhibit levels of hazards to both personnel and the environment. Having the ability to obtain real-time data, information, and conditions of equipment and applications with telemetry helps maintain the safety of on-site personnel. In addition, the data influences remedial action to potential dangers.

Otis Link provides reliable, convenient, web-based industrial equipment monitoring devices and related data services. Otis Link devices send alarms by email and SMS text message, along with real-time data viewable on an easy-to-use website. Our applications include tank monitoring, water distribution, industrial processing, refineries, food and beverage, wastewater treatment and more.

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