Why Otis Link Telemetry Systems?

Why Otis Link Telemetry Systems? - Otis LinkTelemetry monitoring provide an innovative, remote solution to acquiring essential data and conditions of various applications within a wide range of industries. With all of the telemetry systems available on the market, Otis Link provides a reliable, convenient, web-based solution for monitoring, measuring and controlling field systems.

Otis Link offers a modernized, cloud-based monitoring system capable of delivering critical station and alarm information in real-time. Otis Link optimally connects the user to field assets via wired or wireless configuration using both cellular and satellite networks to view and manage their equipment more effectively.

Otis Link, a range of features are offered to any operation:

  • Incorporates field units, communication and web applications
  • Mobile access to gas levels, sensor battery alarms, alarm relays, mobile dashboards, administrative duties and high alarm notifications
  • Automated alerts received via call, text or email
  • SSL connection and encrypted passwords for security
  • Administrative controls (add/remove users, limit equipment control, control alert recipients and file storage)
  • User-friendly customized reports, charts and related data available to share
  • Battery or solar power management for extended battery life
  • Accessible trends based on historically collected dataWhy Otis Link Telemetry Systems? - Otis Link

Our telemetry systems can be easily integrated with existing asset monitoring systems, eliminating upgrade costs, avoiding software updates and optimizing production. In addition, the system’s custom circuit boards are designed to meet application-specific needs.

Intrinsically safe for explosion-rated areas, Otis Link telemetry systems are suitable for harsh environments and can be equipped with materials to operate where most chemicals exist.

To learn more about Otis Link telemetry systems for your application, contact us today.